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Making a Megaman Game

2010-01-19 17:01:32 by jimbojimbo1

Me and my friend megamanknight are making an awesome new megaman game... We have a few bosses planed out but we would love some ideas, so please be free to share your boss ideas. If your boss is used we will give you credit.


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2010-01-19 17:03:49

what knd of megaman? do u mean X, battle network, or classic?

jimbojimbo1 responds:

definitely classic


2010-01-19 17:12:11

No you're not. Quit lying.

jimbojimbo1 responds:

I am, actually. Its hard, so I would appreciate real ideas, not responses calling me a liar.


2010-01-19 17:26:43

Soundman: body is mainly composed of of a stereo. Attack is a thin long ranged sound blast, can also slightly push away enemies.

jimbojimbo1 responds:

I think you may be on to something...


2010-01-19 21:29:10

Need a voice actor?

jimbojimbo1 responds:

I don't think that we will be working on sound for A while, plus it has to be under 10 mb, so I don't know how awesome the sound will be.


2010-01-19 21:35:03

what language are you going to code it in?

jimbojimbo1 responds:

I don't to the coding megamanknight does. I just design the characters.


2010-01-20 17:14:58

Gooman: has a small slime filled pack on his back connected to goo cannon on his arm. Attack is a small slime monster that will home onto enemies and stun/slowly damage them, can also be used as a platform if not attacking an enemy.slime monsters can only travel by ground and only two shot out at a time. if used on bosses/minibosses can only damage them. Goomans slime monsters can absorb impacts of soundmans sonic blasts.

Btw if you're using the soundman idea how about putting some speaker enemies as part of his stage? they could be stationary and have a wide short-ranged attack, that causes a poison-like status as long as he's in range of attack.

jimbojimbo1 responds:

Thanks, but we already have a boss thats kinda like that


2010-01-20 22:17:58

so what megaman bosses are you using?

jimbojimbo1 responds:

Cant ell you. People might steal my ideas.... But I will PM YOU because we might use soundman...


2010-02-04 17:34:38

so how far are u on the megaman game?

jimbojimbo1 responds:

designed first few. dont need anymore boss ideas


2010-02-21 15:07:31

Thanks for Favoriting Primary! :D

jimbojimbo1 responds:

The game was awesome. Completely Awesome. O.O